The Case Against Claude Giroux


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On Wednesday, I named Claude Giroux my #1 all-time least favorite Flyer to a few friends of mine in a group chat. A few friends dismissed me as a purveyor of hot takes. People thought it was a bad joke.

As I said originally, I know he is a solid player (and now I’ll even add that he seems like a good guy with an amazing life story as well). But for a number of reasons, I can’t help but find him to one of the most frustrating players I’ve ever had to root for.

To me it is clear: Giroux is relatively average center.

My distaste for his play is wide-ranging. This is a long two-part piece that cannot be rushed through. Part One outlines his expectations and how his stats paint a misleading picture, and Part Two analyzes his skill deficiencies in-depth.

Part One:

Let me just get this out of the way here: Claude Giroux is simply not good, and I am sorry if that offends you.

I have looked at the statistics and the advanced metrics and have watched the tape. I know each of them tells me that he is a good player with tremendous skill and the Flyers are incredibly lucky to have him on their team. But I simply do not agree with any of it. You’ll hear people all over twitter, the media, your friends, his teammates, his opposition, the NHL governing board, Flyers management, etc. hailing Claude as a so-called “great player.” He’s not.

Claude Giroux is an overrated bum of a player and anyone who says differently is a Flyers fan boy looking for attention on social media or in an in-real-life social setting.

Part Two: Analysis of on-ice play

Look at this gif below and tell me he is good with a straight face.


Umm…may you tell me where his helmet is? Why is a good player like Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers not wearing a helmet in a league that requires them?
Joe M 1, Claude 0.


Yo Claude boy is this basketball or hockey? The Flyers and the FANS pay you to play hockey, do they not? Good players play the sport they’re supposed to. Simple really.
Joe M 2, Claude 0.


Hmm ok here’s a suggestion for you Claude hows about you quit picking your nose on the ice and start, i don’t know, scoring some GOALS??? Whenever one of your friends or a relative tries to tell you that Claude Giroux is indeed good and not bad, show them this gif and it will settle things pretty quickly I feel.
Joe M 3, Claude 0.


What the heck are you hugging about???? You can see here that Mr. Giroux is too concerned about not being seen as racist among his teammates that he goes over to Wayne Simmonds and hugs him instead of going for the puck in the corner.
Joe M 4, Claude 0.


In this process, I suppose I have figured out Claude Giroux’s one elite skill: tricking people into thinking he’s a really good at being a hockey man.

Giroux’s production is deceptive. He lacks skills, and most inexcusable is his lack of effort.

Now entering his 7th year (he played in two games in 2007-08 and I’m not counting that), I fail to see anything that makes me excited about Giroux. I’ll be happy to be wrong, but I’m unable to be optimistic.


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  1. some really good points here

  2. DUMB.

  3. I watch Hockey

    July 24, 2014 at 10:41 am

    Yeah! And remember when he knocked Crosby on his ass in the playoffs. Giroux is just a loser bully. Crysby was just trying to have a fair faceoff and this overrated goon went after him.

    And don’t get me started about all the times he passes the puck to other guys who actually score goals. Hello, the team that has the most goals wins the game…not the most assists.

    Speak the truth! Man.

  4. I have watched one hockey game

    July 24, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    I do not know much about hockey but I do know after reading this that JOE M should be captain of the Flyers and Fraude Girthpoo because he defeated him 4 to zero

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