Has Nick Foles Found The Trick To Seeing Open Receivers?

Our boy Nicky Foles has has a lot of trouble through the first two games of the Eagles’ season finding the open wide receivers. It seems like every game there have been at least a dozen plays where there’s a receiver wide open down field and Foles simply doesn’t seem to see him.

Well it looks like Nick is taking some cues from acting legend Robert De Niro in his role of Sam “Ace” Rothstein in Martin Scorsese’s classic film Casino  and is doing anything he can to improve his QB vision.

My mom had these glasses in the 80s.

My mom had these glasses in the 80s.

This image has not been altered in any way.

This image has not been altered in any way.

Twitter Talk With The Garbage Gang — Episode 3


Eagles Preview, Part III: Desean Jackson Was Way Better Than You Remember

Remember this? Good times

Remember this? Good times

For lack of a better word, I’m a Desean Jackson “truther” of the highest degree. I still have major questions about why the Eagles would cut a 27-year old Pro Bowl WR due to “system issues” coming off a career year in said system. But 2013 wasn’t Desean Jackson’s only good year as an Eagle by any stretch of the imagination, and in fact I would go as far as to say that DJacc was one of the most underrated players by the fanbase in franchise history. Here are Desean’s historical ranks among Eagles receivers:

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2014 NFL Season Pump Up Video

Get ready for the 2014 NFL season with this official pump up video!

Eagles Preview, Part II: Zach Ertz Might Blow The Fuck Up This Season

Pictured: Football enthusiast Zach Ertz (from apexfantasyfootball.com)

Pictured: Football enthusiast Zach Ertz (from apexfantasyfootball.com)

Yesterday, I talked about why I’m down on Jordan Matthews for the upcoming season compared to many Eagles fans, but I do have a more optimistic forecast for another member of the receiving corps today: Zachary Adam Ertz.

Last year, Ertz put up a statline of 36 catches for 469 yards and 4 touchdowns, with 13.0 yards per reception. Not a bad rookie season, right? Well, going off of the Matthews article from yesterday, rookie TEs have an even steeper learning curve than rookier WRs. Aside from Ertz only 8 other rookie tight ends ever topped those numbers from Ertz. Eight. In the history of professional football.

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5 Songs The Flyers Should Use As Their Goal Song Instead Of Fall Out Boy

OK so we all know the Philadelphia Flyers’ current goal song is “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” a.k.a. Light Em Up a.k.a. Lighting Mups by the band Fall Out Boy. Not only is Fall Out Boy an incredibly shitty name for a band that’s targeted towards anything other than 13-year-old girls, but the song is kinda stupid, kinda crappy and kinda doesn’t make sense.

Here is the Flyers’ current goal song:

And now that I am a proud Flyers season ticket holder and have some serious clout with my mezzanine level seats, I thought I’d offer up to the team the following six options for goal songs that would be better than Fall Out Boy.

Here they are.

1. The King of Queens Theme Song

Suggested by my good friend and co-star of the Twitter Talk with the Garbage Gang podcast @JasonAAV, we feel this song perfectly exemplifies the Philadelphia working man’s attitude whilst not being overly dramatic about it or too typical-goal-songy.

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Eagles Preview, Part I: Jordan Matthews Is Probably Going To Disappoint You This Season

Welcome to our weeklong Eagles preview feature here at Philly Complex as we attempt to help get you ready for the Birds season, which is somehow just 5 (!!!!!!!!!!!) days away. First up on the list of major topics to tackle is the receiving corps, and specifically rookie WR Jordan Matthews.

The hype surrounding Jordan Matthews has seemingly been building from the moment the Eagles traded up to draft him with the 42nd overall pick in the 2nd round of the 2014 draft. And, by all accounts, it hasn’t been unwarranted: he plays hard, has an impressive work ethic, and seems to understand the game well. Combine these with his SEC records for catches and receiving yards and you understand why people are excited for him. But as the hype surrounding Matthews has grown, so too have the expectations for his performance.

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Doc Pizza’s Preseason NFL Power Rankings

it's time for football

it’s time for football

At long last the wait is finally over — it’s NFL football week! Boy oh boy, I’ve been waiting for what feels like years for the return of the football guys! Tackles, scores, touchdowns, field goals and punts! They’re all back! And what would the return of the NFL football season be without the return of everybody’s favorite true measure of worth — Power Rankings.

There is, of course, no exact science behind these rankings, but I will try my hardest to sort these teams from the best ones to the worst ones. The team I think is the best will be No. 1 and the team I think is the worst will be No. 32.

So without further adieu, here are my Preseason Power Rankings.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

McNabb is now gone but the Birds have Nick Foles, Chip Kelly, LeSean McCoy and Beau Allen. They will be good. 16-0. The Eagles are my favorite team.

2. Cleveland Browns

Two words — John Football. With a QB whose last name is literally football, the Browns will finish no worse than 2nd in the NFL this season.

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Twitter Talk With The Garbage Gang — Episode 2

Please Join The Twitter NFL Elimination Challenge Pool

This could be u if u playin

This could be u if u playin

Do you enjoy money and also competing with online friends in sports things? If so, please consider joining the Twitter NFL Elimination Challenge Pool. It is only $25 to join but promises to be worth so much more in fun and excitement!

What do you need to do to enter? See steps below:

  1. Notify @dr_pizza_MD that you would like to join the pool.
  2. Send @dr_pizza_MD $25 via paypal and be sure to note your twitter handle in your paypal message. (If you’re interested, I’ll DM you my personal email.)
  3. Once the money has been received, I will send you a link to join the ESPN Eliminator Challenge group with the group name and password.
  4. You’re all set! After we have a winner, I will paypal him/her the entire pool $$.

In the spring, I held a wildly successful NHL playoffs bracket challenge the same way as this and everyone was like hell yeah Doc P is great and we’re glad he did this.

Anyway, feel free to reach out on twitter with any questions.

Thank you.

Doc P

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